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OSgrid Region Hosts

Osgrid offers free starter plots on its Plaza regions for people that are not able to run their sim, or just want to test opensimulator without the technical challenges of a simulator setup. OSgrid Inc runs the grid, but we do NOT commercially rent servers / regions. Plaza plots are limited on space & prims, and not always available due to high interest. Also on the plaza's there is a covenant you need to take in account. If you don't actively use your allotted space, you get booted to make place for people that have no other means.

If you don't like that idea, or if a OSgrid plot is too limited to suit your needs, you can search for an in world host. Mind you deal with people here. Not businesses per se. They have no obligations to provide you with land, or might not be interested in hosting you or your venue. Various hosts offer various services. So please communicate in a normal fashion, and try to explain what you need / ask what you can expect at what terms and conditions.


Disclaimer :

The hosts listed on this page are a random selection of people we interact with, and is by no means exhausting or complete. Are you a region host for at least a year, and you like to get listed here ? Get in touch.

OSgrid is not affiliated with any 3rd party hosts, or whatever service they might offer. OSgrid services are 100% free, since we are a registered non profit organization, completely ran by volunteers. We solitary rely on your donations to exist. The hosts we list on this page are experienced, and exist over a year (some over a decade). Still, hosts are users to us, like yourself. Mind it is impossible for us to mediate in issues between you, your host, or other avatars. We do not control their servers nor their personality.

Swondo Estates

The Almost Islands Estates

Almost Islands Estates

  • Your contact inworld : Danger Lytton
  • Hosting since : 2012
  • The Almost Islands Estate Office
  • website

Masala Estates

  • Your contact inworld : Unadecal Masala
  • Hosting since : 2020
  • website
  • Contact
Masala Estates
Serenity Estates

Serenity Estates

  • Your contact inworld : KrisTina Resident
  • Hosting since : 2020
  • Website

Maze of the Mind

  • Your contact inworld : Prince Amor
  • Hosting since : 2021
  • website

Oliveira Lands

Dreamland Metaverse

Sunlight Regions

Your listing here ?

If you are an experienced OSgrid region host, and you offer free or paid lands or plots for over a year ?

You can get listed here. Get in touch with us.