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OSgrid Region Showcase


On this page we will periodically post region showcases. OSgrid is large and old, and home to an infinitely creative user base. There are castles and forests, clubs and plaza’s. There’s racetracks and surfing sims, shops and malls. Too much to list here. Also OSgrid is home to hundreds of beautiful regions, some of which took years to build and come together. Traveling OSgrid is like hopping from one persons fantasies into the next.

The first region showcases will likely be places you know. We put them here because they have a long time track record, and we like to show our appreciation for their contribution to make our worlds a nicer place, and share it with all of you. Region showcases are random and will be added overtime.

A special place is reserved for HG-Safari. Thirza Ember organizes weekly travels throughout the hypergrid. Their home base is found on Safari and she will take you to places beyond your wildest imagination, in our outside the OSgrid. If you like the idea of ” live” showcases, Join them.

This showcase page will display articles on regions in OSgrid we think you might enjoy. All regions are built by our residents.

The Almost Islands
Zweet Zurroundings

In this edition of the region showcase :

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The Almost Islands

Visit our showcase of the mesmerizing Almost Islands. Built by Azi Az and Danger Lytton in OSgrid.