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The Almost Islands


In this edition of the region showcase we will take you on a trip to The Almost Islands. By Azi Az and Danger Lytton.

During your visit you can listen below to The Almost Islands 24/7 Blues Radio Station

Mesmerising islands

Azi Az & Danger Lytton have lived in OSgrid for many years. They created a beautiful place called ” The Almost Islands”

Amazing craftsmanship

The Almost Islands is filled to the brim with handcrafted prims and builds. If you look around closely, there are nice hand built objects in every nook and cranny in these regions.

Feel welcome

This is a guarantee. The friendly atmosphere and tranquil islands with their luscious marina and beautiful harbor will instantly relax your mind, and make you feel comfortable and at home.

The Almost Islands
The Almost Islands

Living at The Almost Islands

Want to live at The Almost Islands? Contact Azi or Danger. They have been reliable hosts on OSgrid for a long time, and you can rent lands if you don't want to host your own regions.

Live performers

The Almost Islands has a long running weekly event every Tuesday in OSgrid. You can enjoy awesome jazz & blues, DJ's and live performances by Lucky Chiung, Evan Williams, Charice Singer, and more.

Azi & Danger


Create, host, organize, but above all, have fun and provide OSgrid residents with a wonderful place to visit and enjoy.


Real life friends. We have done some exploring together and enjoy building and decorating according to our adventures together.