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OSgrid Events

Annual OSgrid Membership Meeting

The 2023 Annual Membership meeting for OSGrid has been scheduled for Sunday, December 17th, 2023 at 11 AM grid time at Hurliman Plaza. An update on the status of OSgrid will be given. Users will have a chance to ask questions and to give their feedback. Please join us for this annual event. Just enter “Hurliman Plaza” in your map […]

Network testing on ScienceSim

UPDATE!! The network testing event on ScienceSim has been rescheduled to Wednesday, April 20th 9AM PDT (UTC-7). The login region and other details are unchanged. Thank you, Dan Lake Intel Labs dan.lake at ————— The virtual worlds team at Intel has been investigating network performance in OpenSim. We recently made changes to prioritization and queuing of scene updates, adaptive […]

.ini changes for new 04-07-2011 release

Hello everyone, There are some new .ini changes in the 04-07-2011 release for osgrid ( The first change is in the GridCommon.ini are as follows, in the [GridService] section [GridService] ; ; change this to your grid-wide grid server ; GridServerURI = “” AllowHypergridMapSearch = true ;; Directory for map tile images of linked regions MapTileDirectory = “./maptiles” ; === […]

ATTENTION : Grid Down Time 1/27/2011 at 12:00pm eastern

Hello everyone, As I am sure everyone has probably noticed by now that our website user registration and web log in have been disabled for several days now.  I would like to reassure everyone that these were simply growing pains that we have experienced with our database and simply nothing else.   Dave Coyle has spent the last few days reviewing […]