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Vivox Outage resolved

Despite us fearing the free voice service to already have disappeared, Vivox had an outage and seems to be back online. The server that is used for open simulator voice seems to be available again. This does however change nothing about their earlier communications regarding their intentions with this service. We still expect the service to stop in the near […]

Vivox Voice

It’s 2024 and it looks like Vivox finally discontinued it’s free opensimulator voice services, as they have been warning us about for over 2 years. Vivox put out an end of service announcement in 2021, they retired signing up in 2023, and for it seems, now finally in 2024 they took the depreciated service offline. Despite this being inconvenient, we […]

Grid Status update status Last week the OSgrid admin team has been working tirelessly on various projects. Since we have holidays (read, some free time) we figured to use it to get some work done on the OSgrid infrastructure. As you might have heard in the community meeting we are on the verge of replacing the main grid server with a powerful […]


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About this Blog

This page is built to centralize communications to our user base. Since our normal website is hooked into all kinds of grid services, it can go unreachable during maintenance. We used to send you updates via (Twitter) X which was good for alerts, however this requires paid subscriptions today, and is somewhat limited. Hence this ‘offsite’ Blog. It was about […]