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Grid Status update

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Last week the OSgrid admin team has been working tirelessly on various projects. Since we have holidays (read, some free time) we figured to use it to get some work done on the OSgrid infrastructure. As you might have heard in the community meeting we are on the verge of replacing the main grid server with a powerful Epyc 32 core machine. This transfer also involves a code update cycle with regards to the website. So next to updating and migrating, there is loads of “small” changes in our back-end that need to be reworked. So if we’re in-world and appear a bit absent, we are very likely hard at work to improve your life in another screen.

Before the time we have to take down the grid to execute the “swap” you will be notified. Some downtime and-or interruption is to be expected. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee your service/performance will not be impacted during our work. As always we try to keep such inconveniences down to a minimum.

After this is done, OSgrid will be fully up to date, and running the latest technology. Clustered reliable services with hardened DNS, Proxy & Load-balancing. Running on state of the art hardware that should guarantee you the best possible experience while visiting. status

The base of this Blog has been finished. You can make a profile, subscribe to our newsletter, and read archives. When new content is added, it’s pages will eventually be added in the top menu’s. This will improve navigating this site as it grows.

Some pages might be login restricted. Logged in users get access to some additional features and content. Things like polls, a custom profile, osgossip, member list and more.We run some bot, anti-spam and login protection on this page. In case you fumble your login multiple times, you’ll get a blocked message. It takes an hour before you can try again. Mind if you somehow run into a perma-ban get in touch. These can only be lifted by an admin. The firewall is in learning mode for some time so it can be a bit trigger happy.

To avoid confusion. The logins on this page are not in any way connected to the grid. So mind you first need to register as you cannot use your OSgrid password. On this page you can only register to get access to our member content, and you can subscribe to our newsletter. Nothing more. In case your language (left bottom corner) is missing, contact an admin. We might be able to add it, so you can read our whole blog in your own language in a single click. We’ve opted not to use auto detect / translate nor to use push notifications on this site, in any case as long as it’s under development.