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Unscheduled maintenance

As you might have seen the grid is currently offline due to unscheduled maintenance. Our web host has identified an issue, and is swapping out some switches in our rack to fix it. To prevent damages to assets or your new builds, or risking changes from not being properly stored, we decided to take assets (and thus the grid) offline altogether.

Downtime was expected to be less than two hours, but it seems it’s going to take a bit longer as we also identified a possible issue with the asset cluster, which needs further examination before we put the grid back in operation. We will keep you posted.

You might see some delay between communications on the website / twittersocials / this blog, this is due to different admins in different time zones, having different day jobs, and handling different tasks in the grid & off the grid.

The OSgrid discord is probably the fastest way to be kept up to speed.