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Unscheduled maintenance

As you might have seen the grid is currently offline due to unscheduled maintenance. Our web host has identified an issue, and is swapping out some switches in our rack to fix it. To prevent damages to assets or your new builds, or risking changes from not being properly stored, we decided to take assets (and thus the grid) offline […]

Maintenance Complete

We’re back Online. The migration has concluded successfully, maintenance has been performed. Testing has concluded and OSgrid is back online and operational. You can safely boot up your simulators. Take in consideration the INI changes ! Our IP address changed, the DNS address was published yesterday so should have updated globally by now. In case your viewer or region somehow […]

Status Update

OSgrid is currently down, and under planned maintenance. So far the migration progress is “as expected” and on schedule. We opened a discord server (see right sidebar) which you can join to talk to / find where all your friends are currently hanging out. As stated in the previous post, OSgrid will run a new version of the 0.9.3 when […]

Scheduled Downtime !

OSgrid will be taken offline on Wednesday the 10th of January 2024, at 16.00 hours grid time. Downtime is expected to take a few days, as we have to migrate all grid services to the new server. A lot of preparation has been already done, but actually copying and importing all data, and do some testing will take some time. […]