The open source metaverse

OSgrid status update

Past few months the OSG team has been working on a variety of things. So we figured to give you a small update on the grid status.

For all users, and our volunteer admin teams convenience, a support ticket system has been implemented. As currently most of the “offline” request came in randomly via a contact form, IM’s, notecards, mails, or various social media channels. It’s a pain to manage with multiple admins in different time zones, access to different systems and platforms etc. The ticket system should be a good solution. We expect it to improve and unify support responses, and overall response-times to any inquiry you may have regarding the OSgrid. For direct help, LBSA plaza or Discord still available and are typically populated. Map speed has been improved and VAR support has been reworked by the backend team.

New version

Opensimulator dev’s have implemented the new version 8 of the .NET framework. in the latest opensimulator builds. This means that you will need to install it, before you can run the latest version. Mind that if you fail to do that, your simulator will crash immediately at opening, without even so much as generating a logfile ! The OSgrid version has been posted about 3 weeks ago, and seems to work nicely.

Just mind to update your current .NET 6 to version 8 before you upgrade your simulator(s). This also applies on MAC and Linux !

OSgrid Inc.

The Osgrid Inc. board of directors has been expanded with Paela Argus, as per unanimous vote of it’s current members. Also some friendly new OSgrid greeters joined ranks. Most OSgrid annual events for this year have been scheduled upfront. Relevant dates can be found here. The resident /community meetings are still hosted every other Saturday (so once per 2 weeks) at Hurliman Plaza. And the opensimulator developers still meet on Tuesdays on Dev outreach.

In case you somehow can’t reach a Plaza (these are normally all up 24/7), either via login or teleport, just try a different region. Mind that if a single region (even if it’s a plaza) is unavailable, we will not necessarily post about it here. You can safely assume it’s temporary and back up relatively quickly. Only grid outages or major disruptions of services to all users will be posted here. If you for some reason find yourself in a situation everything fails, and you can’t get anywhere in the grid at all, get in touch.