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Anatomy of a New Website Layout

If you are reading this, you have probably spotted the new front page to – it’s part of a new template we’re going to be deploying across all elements of the site, including the forums, news and elgg sections.

The design of this site is actually part commercial template, part pain-staking customisation and CSS work. The original master PSD was done by Arix Media, who operate the very useful – the very base of our layout is one of them. This PSD was re-converted to XHTML/CSS by Chad Thomas – and finally the Elgg, WordPress & phpBB templates (as well as template modifications) were done by Adam Frisby.

We’ve started with deploying the site template to the very front page of – the main aim for this was simply to replace the current template with something more dynamic (and at the same time, use the opportunity to fix a long-standing issue with IE and the front page.)