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Load Test this Friday (16th October 2009) – 1PM PST in Wright Plaza

This is a quick reminder, we will be doing another load test this Friday, at 1PM PST in Wright Plaza. Want to convert this into your local timezone? Click here.

If previous events are to be judged, we will need between 30 and 60 minutes of you, and ideally your friends time. Please bring as many people as you can – if they are not experienced with OpenSim/OSgrid, I suggest recommending the Meerkat Viewer which has excellent cross-grid support.

Our target goal for this week is for 150 concurrent users (we hit 85 last week targetting 100) – these tests really help improve OpenSim stability as many of you may have noticed in the last two weeks. This week may be slightly less stable than last week – but we wont know for certain until we get a chance to try it out. We really would like to try hit 150 concurrent users, so if you have any groups which whom you can share the message with – we’d be appreciative.

Disaster will likely strike, so this week we’ll be a little more careful about handling LBSA as a fallback (last week LBSA froze due to the traffic when Wright was shut down.), if you are able – logging into our IRC channel on freenode (#osgrid) during the test will let us communicate with users who are disconnected or frozen.

Thanks for your assistance & support!

The OpenSim & OSgrid Dev Teams