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Custom Achievements

You can now suggest and use custom achievements within your builds or events; which will be included in the main OSgrid Achievements system we launched several weeks ago. Since we are expecting a lot of users to try and abuse this system; there are a number of rules associated with it – and each achievement must be vetted by an OSGrid admin before it can be enabled for use.

The system is fairly simple to use – we use a special http request URL to give achievements to users; each achievement is tagged with a unique password. We have a function snippet in LSL you can use to give an achievement out; which takes the password and achievement identifier as an argument; this allows you to integrate your achievement into games and other activities as a reward.

The rules

  • Custom achievements are to be eligible all users on OSgrid – achievements are not to be used as ‘Special achievement for friends of Joe’. This means that the devices or interactions needed to earn an achievement must be availible to the general public.
    • Regions with achievements in them must be hosted on professional infrastructure. This means dedicated servers, or high quality VPSs.
    • Regions must be open to the general public, and access to the achievement open publically.
    • Regions should not be down for significant periods of time; they must be dependably availible.
  • Achievements should not be given out for only visiting a region. Some interaction is required. (eg, achievements for participating in a game; attending an event, etc.)
  • Achievements should not be only availible for a certain period of time. Achievements for events should be for regular recurring events.
  • If your achievement is fairly generic, it may be rolled into a merged achievement with multiple users who are doing similar things.
  • Achievements are impartial. Any awards must be given by clearly defined rules. Achievements cannot be awarded on subjective criteria.
  • Participation achievements are favoured over award achievements; however you may request an achievement for both (although prepare for the possibility of only one being granted.)
  • You may suggest an achievement point value, however final determination is made by the admin team. Most custom achievements will hold a points value from 10 to 50 points based on percieved quality & difficulty. If an achievement is deemed easily “gamed”, it may have the achievements points value reduced.
  • Achievements may be disabled if they are found to be in violation of the rules, or the spirit of the rules.

How to apply

Fill out the form for a custom achievement – an icon will be selected by the admin team; however custom icons are appreciated timesavers. Icons must be a silhouette vector graphic image; in the same style and design as the existing achievement icons.

Achievements will not go ‘live’ within the system until they are marked availible by an admin. Custom achievements will however show in the ‘unobtained’ achievements section of the achievement pages.

The URL for the application form is: – please then send a message to Adam Frisby with a notice you have applied for an achievement. If/when your application is approved, you will be given a copy of the current LSL code needed to award your achievements. This code may be revised periodically; so it is recommended that you do not tamper with the function, only call it.