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**ANNOUNCEMENT – Protocol Bump [Forced update] 10/03/2009

This is the official announcment for the Protocol Bump up forced update, it will be occuring today Saturday October 3rd between 6-8pm PST – you can prepare your regions now buy downloading the latest release on website. (OSgrid OpenSimulator – [zip] [23.0mb] 10-02-2009) at the following link – [Download Here] – please note there are also crucial changes to the GridCommon.ini file you can view the example here for comparison : GridCommon.ini

if you have any questions or need guidance with upgrading please be sure to visit the web chat IRC channel and ask for some help, you can also post questions on the forums if you have trouble connecting. Thanks for everyones patience on this, i am really sorry for all the flip flopping on times about this update, but i think you are going to find it was well worth the wait, good luck to everyone!