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The BIG Refactor..

Hello everyone,

I wanted to give everyone one some notice on the upcoming server refactoring everyone has been hearing about. According to Melanie and Diva, the coding is complete on their server changes. This means several things for OSgrid, not all of which i will discuss right now, we are currently formulating plans on how to proceed forward. We ask that you all bear with us while we do some testing behind the scenes to prepare for all of these changes, some are drastic, some you wont even notice at all. Likely in the coming weeks you will see changes to the website and the simulator software, but we will do our best to help everyone prepare and step through it.

That is about all i can say for right now, but in the mean time its best to not update past the current OSgrid release version, or anything you are currently running today prior to GIT REV a9580ebb496637323548b75c2bda605790b18a6b (r/12335) as this version is the no longer compatible with OSgrid until we can complete the back end updates.

If you have any questions you can visit our web chat or IRC channel at #osgrid

~Nebadon Izumi