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Mandatory Simulator Upgrade 11/09/2010

Hello everyone,

As you might already know we have a major upgrade scheduled for Tuesday Nov 9th at 5pm PST (Nov 10th 01:00:00 UTC) This is a mandatory for all sim operators.  If you are running a simulator on osgrid you will be required to update your regions to the new version (yet to be posted).  I will be posting a new version Tuesday morning so everyone can prepare early if they so choose, but we will not flip the switch on the back end until 5pm (PST).  Once we do upgrade the back end older versions of the OSgrid release will no longer be able to connect, the reason for this is a protocol change to how Avatar appearances are handled.

Quote from Git Change Logs:
“It contains a major interface version bump and will NOT work with earlier grid
services. This is preliminary work that will lead to layers support.”

Some of the other fixes will include, Hair in the center of your screen when huds are attached, Prim Piles at <0,0,0> that crash your viewer when touched, Cross Grid Instant Message Issues, Avatar Appearance at log in, and many other performance improvements!

There will be one new change to OpenSim.ini , which you can actually add now before the upgrade and see some significant improvments as well, the changes are as follows below

find the [ClientStack.LindenUDP] section in your OpenSim.ini

add the following line below inside this section

async_packet_handling = true

here is a description of what this setting does:

“Set this to true to process incoming packets asynchronously. Networking is already separated from packet handling with a queue, so this will only affect whether networking internals such as packet decoding and  acknowledgement accounting are done synchronously or asynchronously Default is true.”

If you find this setting has any ill effects please do let us know right away.

We hope that all the changes will improve the overall experience on OSgrid, however there is still a lot of work ahead to improve many things.  If you are interested in reading all of the patch descriptions you can view the git logs here :

If you have any questions or need guidance please join us on our IRC channel @ #osgrid or you can use the website chat here to connect : , you can also follow us at twitter for the fastest way to receive grid updates :

Michael Emory Cerquoni

OSgrid Inc. President