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About this Blog


This page is built to centralize communications to our user base. Since our normal website is hooked into all kinds of grid services, it can go unreachable during maintenance. We used to send you updates via (Twitter) X which was good for alerts, however this requires paid subscriptions today, and is somewhat limited. Hence this ‘offsite’ Blog. It was about time for a fresh look, but since it used to be hosted on that wasn’t feasible. The prices they charge to be able to customize a theme or install plugins are (way) more expensive than renting some webspace and building one, so we opted to dust off a parked domain, and move.

You will not be able to interact with the posts on this new page. For sharing your thoughts you can use forums, our various social media channels or better yet, use your viewer and come inworld. The administrative team will use this page to post notifications, news, announcements, new software versions, community meeting logs and the events that are organized by OSgrid on it’s plaza’s. Board meeting logs and organizational information will remain on the OSgrid wiki.

Old data

Data of the old site has been imported. We were also able to salvage the mailing list. Unfortunately that’s just email addresses without usernames, so we can’t import your accounts back. Also many of these accounts are ancient. We kindly request you to re-register if you still have an interest in OSgrid and its residents. You can do that by clicking here.

This page will be under construction for a while. It’s core functionality is about done. Check back for updates however. You already have the option to subscribe, which will open up chat, and we’re still working on an automated feed, so you’ll get a mail/media alert when an admin makes an oopsie or the grid goes haywire.