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.ini changes and Hypergrid for osgrid

Hello everyone,

I have posted another new release and there are some changes I would like to highlight in this new version. Because of some of the recent advancements with hypergrid I have decided to automatically enable Hypergrid in the newest release and we recommend everyone do the same to widen the already popular hypergrid, this is not required but it will help with testing and further advance hypergrid stability and make traversing many grids and standalones much easier for you and your guests. Below are some of the changes in the new OpenSim.ini which i also took the time to clean up and bring more in-line with the default OpenSimulator version.


    ;# {EnforcePrimLimits} {} {Enforce parcel prim limits} {true false} false
    ;; Enable parcel prim limits.  Off by default to emulate pre-existing behavior.
    EnforcePrimLimits = true

    Include-Architecture = "config-include/GridHypergrid.ini"


I have also decided to enable toe EnforcePrimLimits feature, which is not required, but will help you manage your sims better if you are so interested in doing, you can increase the prim limit of your simulators by adding the following in your Regions.ini


MaxPrims = 45000


Even though these changes are not required, we do recommend that everyone update to one of the two last releases posted on the website in the downloads section as there are issues with teleporting from non-HG regions to HG regions on previous releases and this should alleviate those issues. If you have any questions or need assistance with upgrading please visit us on our IRC channel at #osgrid or use the web chat.

Good Luck everyone.
Michael Emory Cerquoni
OSGrid President