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IMPORTANT : New .ini changes in 06-16-2011 release

Hello everyone,

I have posted a new version of OSgrid Simulator release on the website today, there are some important changes that you should be aware of before upgrading to make sure you retain 100% functionality.

The main changes are to the GridCommon.ini and the OpenSim.ini. the follow section needs to be updated, see the link for fully updated GridCommon.ini and OpenSim.ini

OpenSim.ini Changes

    ; Enable this module to get notified once all items and scripts in the region have been completely loaded and compiled
    ; default is false
    enabled = true

    ; Channel on which to signal region readiness through a message
    ; formatted as follows: "{server_startup|oar_file_load},{0|1},n,[oar error]"
    ; - the first field indicating whether this is an initial server startup
    ; - the second field is a number indicating whether the OAR file loaded ok (1 == ok, 0 == error)
    ; - the third field is a number indicating how many scripts failed to compile
    ; - "oar error" if supplied, provides the error message from the OAR load
    channel_notify = -800
    ; - disallow logins while scripts are loading
    login_disable = true
    ; - send an alert as json to a service
    ; alert_uri = ""


The above changes to OpenSim.ini are not required, this is a new addition to the OSgrid OpenSim.ini and what it does is disables the ability for users to log into your simulator until scripts are completely loaded, this can improve performance especially after a sim crash when everyone is clamoring to log back into your sim which can result in a simulator crash if scripts are still starting up, again this is not a required update be we highly recommend you add this to your configuration for best performance.

GridCommon.ini Changes

   	MapImageServerURI = ""


The above changes to GridCommon.ini are required for users who wish to use the Linden Lab v2 or TPV based V2 Viewers so you can see map tiles on the in world map system, you will only be able to see tiles on regions that have been upgraded and have added this variable to their GridCommon.ini file. So please do not panic when you do not see a full map it will likely take a few weeks for everyone to take notice of these changes and get their simulators fully updated. If you see your neighbors have not updated yet and you know how to reach them please let them know it is time to update.

If you have any questions or need help with this update please join us on our IRC chat channel at #osgrid or you can use the web chat

Good luck everyone,
Michael Emory Cerquoni
OSgrid President