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OSG4B Its Party Time! Come and Celebrate with us!!

OSgrid celebrates it’s 4th birthday from 22nd to 25th of July. Come and be a part of it!

There is an exhibition on “OSG4B Festival” region that you can browse at your own leisure and some residents have prepared special events on their regions for you to enjoy.

Those that have been announced are:
* All day 22nd – 23rd: Dance Party at region Lani, Throne Room and Pyramid Ballroom with Costume Party, dress as you like
* All day 22nd – 23rd: RolePlay Combat, Challenges, and Duels at region ixi, desert caves area and The Great Hall of Combat
* 22nd at 19.00 UTC: Friday Dance Party OSgrid Birthday Special at region Close Encounter
* 22nd at 23.00 UTC: Live music by Rafaella Docherty and streamed western for 4 hours at Western Saloon at region Calamity Farm
* All day 23rd: Art installation with paintings from Rainer Hübner on region CB Showroom
* 23rd at 10.00 UTC: Guided tour of OSgrid with demonstration of building by Larysa Firehawk. The tour will be display on a big screen in RL Australia. Everyone welcome to participate
* 23rd at 19.00 UTC: Psytrance dance party “Living picture” at region CB Showroom with music by DJ Galen
* 24th at 21.00 UTC: Live music at the Maritime Hotel at region OSG4B Festival presented by stiofain nbmcmedia