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OSgrid is turning 5!! [OSG5B]

Next week OSgrid turns 5 years old. And it is a long shot from what it has been when it was started – much like the feet it stands on: OpenSimulator. Back in the days when OSgrid was built to be the testing ground for all new OpenSimulator code mostly developers, testers and tech savvy early adopters could be found on this grid, security wasn’t implemented at all, everyone could edit everyone’s prims and almost nothing was persistent – not even your shape or inventory.

OSgrid has come a long way from these basic beginnings. Today it is the biggest OpenSim grid in the metaverse, with a total region count of 8686, a regular userbase of around 200 and almost 80.000 people have made and account there.

OSgrid’s 5th Birthday party: OSG5B – will be celebrated from July 20th to July 24th. A specially designed central stage and party area (a representation of the world famous Melbourne Music Bowl) will be backdrop to live performances and DJ’s through various musical styles on Saturday July 21st and there will be more events around the grid hosted by different residents. A full events calender can be found in the special edition of the in world newspaper OSGazet and will also be on the OSgrid forum as soon as it’s finalized.

There has been an overwhelming interest this year in the exhibition grounds, designed to showcase the content possibilities in OSgrid. 6 regions interconnected by an instant teleport system with a total of 60 very divers exhibitions will catch the eye of visitors. For the first time there are also meshes on display – and voice is also enabled on all birthday regions for the convenience of all.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy these fabulous builds. Make an account today or join by making a Hypergrid jump. And if you can, donate to keep this grid running – remember, OSgrid is a non-profit organization.

Official OSG5B Region List:
OSG5B Central
OSG5B North
OSG5B East
OSG5B West
OSG5B South
OSG5B Northeast
OSG5B Southwest