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New ini file added to opensim

Hey folks, A new configuration file has been added to OpenSimulator and is included in the new build. Here are some details on how it works:

The new file is called osslEnable.ini and will be located in the config-include folder. By default it is disabled, but can be enabled by un-commenting the include line in the new [OSSL] section of OpenSim.ini

This file provides a way to easily enable OSSL scripting functions in your simulator. you can also edit the path for this file and store it outside of the OpenSim folder so you don’t have to edit it each time you update, or you may not even wish to use it at all.

If anyone has any questions about the use of this new file, give me a shout in-world or in irc and myself (or someone else) will try our best to answer any questions.