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UPDATE – Release changes for OSgrid OpenSimulator

Hello Everyone,
This new release now has an UPDATED cap enabled for Inventory over HTTP for v2 and v3 viewers and requires changes to your OpenSim.ini :

Replace the following section


    ;; For the long list of capabilities, see OpenSimDefaults.ini
    ;; Here are the few ones you may want to change. Possible values
    ;; are:
    ;;   "" -- empty, capability disabled
    ;;   "localhost" -- capability enabled and served by the simulator
    ;;   "" -- capability enabled and served by some other server
    ; These are enabled by default to localhost. Change if you see fit.
    Cap_GetTexture = "localhost"
    Cap_GetMesh = "localhost"
    ; This is disabled by default. Change if you see fit. Note that
    ; serving this cap from the simulators may lead to poor performace.
    Cap_FetchInventoryDescendents2 = "localhost"	
    Cap_FetchInventory2 = "localhost"


be very sure you remove the following from this section if you have it

    Cap_WebFetchInventoryDescendents = "localhost"

and this is the new addition to that section

    Cap_FetchInventory2 = "localhost"

This new addition should improve inventory loading performance for all V2/V3 viewers and fix inventory not loading fully in Imprudence viewer and could improve overall performance for your simulators.

we have also updated the osProfiles module to now support HG profiles, you will need to download the new osProfile DLL if you are compiling OpenSimulator yourself, if you use our release it is already included and you do not have to do anything, to download the new DLL click here OpenSimProfile.Modules.dll

You can download the latest release here :

If you have any questions or need help with this update please join us on our IRC chat channel at #osgrid or you can use the web chat

Good luck everyone,
Michael Emory Cerquoni
OSgrid President