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OSgrid is back online and open!

We know its been a long, painful, frustrating outage, and we do appreciate your patience, support, and encouragement through some rather bleak months.

But the wait is over – logins to OSgrid are now open again and the grid is back online!

Many people today have noticed our initial testing, and initial admin logins, plaza and region restarts, and hypergrid logins have all been working as expected.

Given the large number of people and testing, it was decided to try and hold an office hours meeting on Wright Plaza, and despite a funky garbage collector – 17 people or more were able to join.

With these initial successes, it was decided that OSgrid was healthy enough to open up for wider testing.

We’re not anticipating any further major outages or issues, but there may still be an occasional short outage or  downtime over the coming weeks as OSgrid settles back into normal usage, for us to adjust a setting here or there with the new asset services or updated plazas.

As you begin reconnecting regions, you may notice an initial failure when trying to teleport to them.

You may need to purge the region using your login to the website, then restart the region itself in order to fully reconnect it after the outage.

While we have done large amount of testing already, there may still be an issue here or there with specific assets.

In our testing so far, the few asset glitches found do not indicate a problem with the asset recovery, new asset cluster, or new FSassets service.

Initial investigation points to small data changes or format issues present with specific assets before the outage which are now found by the XML serializer.

If you see widespread issues, please report them – but also try to have patience as we may be swamped for a while getting everything fully rolling for everyone again.

In closing, many thanks again to everyone who helped OSgrid through this, and continued to support and encourage us.

Let me be the first to say … welcome back!

OSgrid is now open!