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OSgrid HyperGrid Asset access fixed

Hello Everyone

Just wanted to let everyone know that today after doing some Hypergrid testing I came to the realization that we had a URL not configured properly on our Robust server, which seemed to be preventing access to your OSgrid assets on remote servers. This has since been resolved and tested and seems to be in good working order again, there are no changes needed on your end, the issue was solely on the back end configuration. We are sorry if this has cause any issues for anyone, if you could please test trying to access your OSgrid inventory while on your personal HG standalones or Grids that would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to provide any feedback please join us on our IRC channel at on #osgrid channel, or you can also join our web chat at the following URL :

Thanks everyone.

Michael Emory Cerquoni
OSgrid President