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OSgrid Update for 2015-02-09

The recovered drive was not able to be directly copied into the database due to USB weirdness causing the disk to offline.
However, once moved to a different server and exported over the network there, it has proceeded to restore pretty smoothly until yesterday…
The database restore was well past 90% before a pair of ethernet NIC outages struck.

The constant load of the recovery of the assets from disk to database cluster over the network exposed an ethernet driver bug, delaying the completion of the copy.
It was not expected that bug would have impacted production use, only that we hit it hard enough during recovery to uncover it.
BIOS settings to disable power management for the NIC, and an updated OS NIC driver were put in place today and will hopefully permanently resolve that NIC error.
The recovery to database has been restarted and we’re all watching to see if there are further NIC driver issues.

Everyone is getting pretty hopeful that we’re close enough to announce an actual ETA, but we’re still just not quite there yet.
But, thanks to Melanie from AviNation’s constant, patient help, the recovery and restart is looking very good.

Background discussions on OSG restructuring and service changes continue but no definite plans yet other than to remove the jump regions once the grid is live and otherwise consolidate and shuffle regions as needed.
More news here once plans are more definite.

OSgrid would like to offer thanks to everyone such as Melanie, Justin, Diva, our supporters, and everyone who has gotten behind OSgrid during this catastrophe.
The assistance, the patience, and the good wishes are all very much the rays of light we need to keep pushing forward in an otherwise very awful time.
Thank you all!

Next Update 2015-02-15 or 2015-02-16