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Update 2014-12-28

We hope you had a happy holidays and a merry Christmas, Boxing Day, or other time of celebration.

Despite the holidays and large case of Real Life Interference, some progress was still made this week.

We expect the data center to receive the recovered drive once the recovery service and data center staff return from holiday breaks in early January.

After numerous attack attempts were detected against both asset servers, additional extensive hardening steps have been taken, delaying database and asset server work. In practical terms, almost 200 recommended security configurations on both asset servers were checked and reconfigured as necessary including full patching and verified reboots.

Two major steps remain to restart OSgrid:
1. Start the database replication
2. Start the asset server

Both of these steps require a number of specific reconfigurations and new tuning from the previous OSgrid configuration, which require a number of deliberate discussions before each step of the implementation.

No discussions on this were taken during the holidays.

We hope you have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve and we’re all looking forward to a great new year for OpenSimulator and OSgrid!

Next Expected Update 2015-Jan-04 or 05.