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News 2014-12-22

Recovery service completed drive file conversion and restore to a new disk.
Recovery service has been paid with thanks for their tenacity in dealing with such a large and unique dataset.

Recovery service cannot guarantee OSG can use the data once restored to asset server due to various conversions required to recover data to this point.
OSgrid cannot verify restored database and files can be used for asset service for the same reasons.

Next Steps:
receipt of recovered disk
copy to temporary grid asset server
test restart temp asset server
validate temp asset server
plan next steps based on validation results


Asset Servers 1 and 2:
Hardware active
RAID configured
OS installed
stock database replaced with higher performance database
OS administrivia like additional loadout and hardening
RAID card battery replaced in asset server 2

Next Steps:
configure database replication
Install new asset service
Begin testing
Additional database tuning

There is NO estimated time of arrival (ETA) for public re-open.
Test restarts for asset server qualification have begun with initial database configuration and tuning.
That being said, obviously progress is being made to that end.
s soon as we can identify an ETA, we will let you know here.

Due to this crash, everyone agrees changes are necessary to infrastructure and operations.

The restarted OSgrid will include changes to asset servers and plazas to accommodate the needed changes and improve redundancy and reliability.

More news on restructuring changes as these item-by-item discussions reach decisions.

Next Update 2014-12-28 or 29.