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Update 2015-01-26

The recovered disk has been examined and looks in generally positive shape to attempt a full asset recovery.
Melanie from AVN has worked heavily with the recovered asset drive on a process to bring the recovered assets back online.

In the last OpenSim developers meeting, Melanie from AVN offered to contribute her FSasset service to OpenSimulator for use by OSgrid.
This FSasset service provides similar asset service as the SRAS2 service previously used on OSgrid, as well as additional “large scale grid” features.
She has also provided OSG a new asset server and database design to make the best use of it.
As a result, both of the asset servers were taken down to firmware and rebuilt from scratch.
Both asset servers are back in service and Melanie and OSG are hammering away on them building out the new asset services.

OSgrid restart is getting closer but there is still no specific date or ETA as we test this entirely “new new” asset service design and associated asset recovery.

Discussions held around consolidating infrequently used plazas on a simulator that can load from a selection of oar files as needed, such as for specific events.
Some experiments on OAR loading, merging, and moving for this capability were successful.
More news once additional planning and testing has been done and final decisions can be made.

OSgrid would like to offer thanks to everyone such as Melanie, Justin, Diva, our supporters, and everyone who has gotten behind OSgrid during this catastrophe.
The assistance, the patience, and the good wishes are all very much the rays of light we need to keep pushing forward in an otherwise very awful time.
Thank you all!

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