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IMPORTANT : New .ini changes in 06-12-2011 release

Hello everyone,

I have posted a new version of OSgrid Simulator release on the website today, there are some important changes that you should be aware of before upgrading to make sure you retain 100% functionality.

The main changes are to the GridCommon.ini the follow section needs to be updated, see the link for fully updated GridCommon.ini


    ; === HG ONLY ===
    ; Change this to your server 
    ; accessible from other grids
    ProfileServerURI = ""
    Gatekeeper = ""
	;; If you want to protect your assets from being copied by foreign visitors
	;; uncomment the next line. You may want to do this on sims that have licensed content.
	; OutboundPermission = False


This section is the only change in this release. If you have any questions or need any assistance please join us on our IRC channel @ or use the web chat