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OSG3B Load Test (Friday July 16 5pm PST)

Hello Again Everyone,

As you all know OSgrids 3rd Birthday is coming up July 22-26 and we would like to perform some load tests on the Celebration region this weekend,  The 1st test will be 5pm PST this Friday (July 16).  I would like to get around 50 people on “OSG3B Celebration” So if you have some time on Friday night lets everyone gather up some friends and meet at this region to see how things hold up.  We will probably do some more load tests over the weekend depending on how this 1st round goes, I will update with times as we figure things out.   Also just a reminder we do have some open spaces left, so if you are interested in putting up a parcel display or even just some smaller displays around the sim please contact me on the forums or in world and let me know what you want to do.  Also, if you are a DJ or Musical performer, or even know friends who are and would like to perform at OSG3B we would love to have you, again just contact me on the forums on in world and we can work out times and locations.  Also Eryn Galen is making a OSGazet Special Edition OSG3B, and if you would like to advertise anything or contribute articles about OSgrid or OSG3B please contact her on the forums or in world.   That is really all i have for now, but keep checking back and check out the forums for times events and things to come.   Thanks to everyone who already has contributed, lets make OSG3B the best OSgrid Birthday yet!!

Thanks Everyone

You can leave comments or schedule events and request party parcels here :